Jacob M Smith

WNY / Silver Creek, NY 14136

programmer [dot] jaek [at] gmail [dot] com

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Work Experience
Start End Position Client / Employer
2009/04 Current Employee / Programmer/Analyst Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation, Inc
Systems in Amherst, NY ; International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG) in Amherst, NY
Initially development of new and maintenance of existing web and batch applications providing data access, management, and reporting for one of the research data management groups. Then pulled into a more central group supporting both developers and system administrators, where-in we provided support for configuration of and access to these systems, including by providing support applications and libraries.
Java Kotlin ColdFusion Groovy JavaScript/AJAX SQL JSP DHTML Flutter Spring/MVC Crystal Reports/Server JDBC Servlets SVN Ant Eclipse Ingres Glassfish SunOne LDAP/DSEE Windows Solaris Android SCRUM/VersionOne
2008/08 2009/01 Independent Contractor / Software Engineer Digital Deposition Systems
Off-site work with occasional in-person meetings.
Software development work on a data forensics oriented software system that would be the base startup product for the company.
Java Groovy SQL JDBC JWS SQLite H2 Ant Eclipse CVS Apache Windows Linux VMWare Hyper-V
2008/02 2008/12 Independent Contractor / Software Engineer Valore Inc
Mainly off-site work with on-site work as needed.
System refactoring to separate original software system into two indendent yet interoperatoring software systems to match the business separation. Work included software development, database and system administration tasks.
Java JavaScript SQL JSP DHTML XSLT JDBC Swing JWS Servlets Struts MySQL JUnit Ant SSH SSL Eclipse CVS Tomcat Apache Windows Linux VMWare
2006/06 2008/04 Subcontractor / Software Engineer HSBC
Sub-contracted through Lighthouse Technology Services, Inc.
Providing software development services and support.
Java JavaScript SQL JSP DHTML JDBC JWS Servlets Portlets SQL Server Oracle DB2 IBM RAD IBM WSAD MKS IBM WAS IBM WPS Windows AIX
2005/09 2006/06 Employee / Consultant Business Systems HSBC
Consumer Banking division in Buffalo, NY
Providing software development services, technical expertise (support), and application deployment administration.
Java JavaScript SQL JSP DHTML JDBC Servlets Portlets SQL Server Oracle DB2 IBM RAD IBM WSAD MKS IBM WAS IBM WPS Windows AIX
2003/09 2009/04 Independent Contractor / Software Engineer Valore Exchange
Mainly off-site work with frequent live-interaction to support fast moving schedule.
Implemented various components of the software system that is designed to permiate Valore's operations. Helped design a software architecture that will support reuse and system expansion. Also acted as a reference and provided support for various software development, database and system administration tasks.
Java PHP JavaScript Perl SQL JSP DHTML XSLT JDBC Swing JWS Servlets Struts PayflowPro MySQL JUnit Ant SSH SSL Eclipse CVS Tomcat Apache Windows Linux VMWare
2003/08 2003/10 Independent Contractor / Software Engineer Demantra
Off-site work from WNY dealing with Demantra's teams in Boston and Israel.
Modified and extended a pre-existing component so that it could be integrated into Demantra's Spectrum software suite. Tasks included adding support for Oracle; incorporating the Spectrum security model; updating the UI to match their look-and-feel; adding misc functionality.
Java JSP Applets Servlets SQL JDBC Swing Tomcat SQL Server Oracle Eclipse Windows
2002/01 2003/08 Independent Contractor / Software Engineer 9ci, Inc.
Worked with a small 9ci group in WNY / telecommuted from WNY (9ci is located in Chicago).
Implemented the first version of TPMS (Trade Promotion Management System) - a new module extending the iTradeVision system (a pre-existing cash tracking / management system).
Java DataExpress SQL CVS SQL Server JBuilder Windows
Modification work on CashApply - a pre-existing cash-receipt-processing application. Tasks included conversion of the server portion to Java from Visual Basic; upgrading the server to work with both SQL Server and Oracle. Also included various general upgrades to the client portion.
Java Visual Basic SQL JDBC EJB JReport Crystal Reports JUnit Ant CVS SQL Server Oracle Tomcat JBoss JBuilder Windows Linux Solaris
2001/06 2001/10 Subcontractor / Software Engineer Welch's
Sub-contracted through O'Connell Software Systems, Inc. Worked on-site in Westfield, NY.
Performed various additions and modifications to Tradetopia - the system we built for Welchs previously (see previous work for O'Connell Software Systems / Welchs below).
Java JDBC Applets Servlets ISAPI SQL DB2 IIS WebSphere Windows AS/400
2000/08 2001/06 Employee / Software Engineer Tranceive Technologies
Worked as part of the Buffalo team - one of four teams distributed across the US.
Development of a distributed application server and framework aimed at supporting application development-for and deployment-to Cable Head-Ends and Set-Top-Boxes. Acted as lead-architect on the server component development team and a member of the architects team (for overall system architecture).
Java C++ OCAP JDBC SQL UML StarTeam SQL Server Oracle JBuilder Windows Solaris Linux VMWare
1997/01 2000/08 Employee / Software Engineer O'Connell Software Systems, Inc.
Worked on contracts for various clients on- and off-site in the WNY region.
Development of Tradetopia (an intranet trade spending and allocation system). Work included implementing several web-accessible screens as well as server side business logic. At the start of the project we found that expected server side technologies were not yet available on the destination systems - so inline with development we implemented a basic application server and communications framework.
Java C++ SQL JavaScript DHTML XML Net.Data JDBC Swing ISAPI Servlets DB2 IIS WebSphere AS400 Windows
Performed QA work for LDMS (Laboratory Analysis and Reporting System), a product being developed by Frontier Science. Such work included building test scripts along with a dynamic testing system. During this time I built DIPA (Direct In-Process Access) - a library that made it easier to test applications that used proprietary controls.
C++ OWL Win32 VisualTest Borland C++ Visual C++ Windows
Redesigned / rebuilt an FTP client for Frontier Science. In particular, the FTP functionality was moved out to a DLL to allow it to be used directly by other applications being developed by Frontier Science.
C++ OWL Win32 Borland C++ Windows
Development work on an inventory tracking system for Cummins. Tasks included implementing applications that ran on wireless hand scanners, server components that responded to requests from applications and interoperated with various databases and servers.
Telxon Barcode Scanners/Printers C++ SQL Pro*C RPC Microsoft C/C++ Oracle HP-UX Windows VMS DOS
Extended work on the Election Database System we built for Sequoia Pacific previously (see previous work for PCS / Sequoia Pacific below). Work was on-site and included maintenance and various upgrades.
SQL Win32 PowerBuilder Visual C++ Oracle Windows
1994/05 1996/12 Employee / Software Engineer PCS
Worked on- and off-site as a single programmer or with a small group of developers.
Implementation of an Election Database System for Sequoia Pacific used to configure election info and tally data from electronic voting machines. Also built an integrated visual ballot editor used to layout and print the voting machine layover sheet.
SQL Win32 PowerBuilder Visual C++ Oracle Windows
Developed ScanDesign - an OMR (Optical Mark Reader) form visual editor. Also built an installer and wrote a manual for the program.
OMR MFC Win32 Visual C++ Windows
Developed an OMR (Optical Mark Reader) form text-based description language along with an interpreter program which output a printable PostScript version of the form.
OMR PostScript Microsoft C/C++ DOS

Skills / Technologies
Category Skill First Used Last Used Skill Level
Languages (General)
Java 1996 2020 Expert
Kotlin 2019 2020 Beginner
Groovy 2008 2020 Intermediate
C++ 1993 2016 Experienced
C 1989 2016 Experienced
C# 2002 2020 Intermediate
ColdFusion 2010 2020 Intermediate
Visual Basic / VB.Net 2002 2006 Beginner
ADA 1992 1995 Intermediate
Database Tech
SQL 1994 2020 Advanced
T-SQL 1997 2006 Intermediate
PL/SQL 2002 2006 Intermediate
ODBC 1995 2000 Beginner
Pro*C 199X 199X Beginner
J2EE (and other Java Server Side technologies)
Spring (Framework, MVC, Security) 2009 2020 Intermediate
Servlets 1999 2020 Advanced
Hibernate 2010 2015 Beginner
EJB 2002 2003 Intermediate
JSP 2002 2020 Intermediate
Struts 2003 2008 Intermediate
Portlets 2005 2007 Intermediate
J2SE (and other Java Client Side technologies)
Applets 1996 2009 Experienced
Java Web Start 2003 2013 Intermediate
J2ME (CLDC / CDC) 2006 2008 Intermediate
JDBC 1998 2020 Advanced
Swing 1998 2011 Experienced
AWT 1996 2010 Experienced
Java 3D 2004 2005 Beginner
Web Oriented
HTML / CSS / DOM 1994 2020 Intermediate
XML / XSLT 1998 2020 Intermediate
JavaScript 1998 2020 Intermediate
PHP 2003 2009 Beginner
Perl 2003 2012 Beginner
VBScript 199X 199X Beginner
ISAPI 1998 2000 Intermediate
ASP 1998 2003 Beginner
CGI 1996 1999 Beginner
Mobile Dev
Flutter 2020 2020 Beginner
UML 1999 2020 Intermediate
Win16 / Win32 1993 2007 Experienced
MFC 1994 2001 Intermediate
Unity 2013 2020 Intermediate
VR / Unity 2016 2020 Beginner
Vuforia / Unity 2013 2017 Beginner
OpenGL / GLES 1998 2015 Intermediate
DirectX / Direct3D 1997 2004 Intermediate
X-Window Xlib 1994 1998 Intermediate
Shell (csh/sh) Script 1990 2020 Intermediate

Tools / Environments
Category Tool First Used Last Used Experience
Development Environments
Eclipse 2002 2020 Advanced
Android Studio 2019 2020 Beginner
VSCode 2020 2020 Beginner
Rational Application Developer 2005 2008 Intermediate
WebSphere Application Developer 2004 2006 Intermediate
JBuilder 2000 2003 Advanced
Visual C++ / Visual Studio 1994 2016 Intermediate
Unix shells / tools 1989 2020 Advanced
The X-Window System 1990 2019 Intermediate
Rational VisualTest 1997 1997 Intermediate
Microsoft C/C++ 199X 1994 Intermediate
Borland C++ 1997 1997 Intermediate
VisualAge for Java 1998 2002 Beginner
Crystal Reports / Server 2002 2020 Beginner
PowerBuilder 1995 1996 Intermediate
SAS/C++ (for Amiga) 1993 1995 Intermediate
CodeWarrior (for Mac) 1995 1995 Beginner
Development Tools
JUnit 2003 2020 Intermediate
Ant 2002 2020 Advanced
JavaDoc 2002 2020 Intermediate
Android SDK 2010 2020 Intermediate
Sun/Oracle JDK 1996 2020 Advanced
GNU gcc/g++ 1995 2015 Experienced
SVN 2009 2020 Intermediate
CVS 2001 2009 Intermediate
MKS Source Integrity 2005 2008 Intermediate
SSH (OpenSSH/J2SSH) 2002 2011 Intermediate
VersionOne 2009 2020 Intermediate
Rational Rose 2000 2001 Beginner
DACS Ada 199X 1994 Intermediate
Deployment Environments
Glassfish Application Server 2009 2020 Intermediate
JBoss 2002 2020 Beginner
SunONE Application Server 2009 2010 Beginner
WebSphere Application Server 1999 2008 Intermediate
WebSphere Portal Server 2005 2006 Beginner
Tomcat 2001 2009 Advanced
IIS 1997 2006 Intermediate
Apache HTTP Server 2000 2009 Intermediate
MySQL 2002 2009 Advanced
SQL Server 1994 2008 Intermediate
Oracle 1995 2006 Intermediate
DB2 1998 2006 Beginner
Ingres 2009 2020 Intermediate
H2 2008 2009 Beginner
SQLite 2008 2009 Intermediate
Operating Systems
Windows Server 2003/2008 2003 2013 Beginner
Windows 1992 2020 Advanced
Linux (Various) 199X 2020 Advanced
Mac OS X 2014 2020 Beginner
Solaris 199X 2020 Beginner
NetBSD 1993 199X Intermediate
AIX 2005 2006 Beginner
OS400 (AS400) 1998 2003 Beginner
MS-DOS (Standalone) 1992 199X Intermediate
Mobile OS
Android ~2010 2020 Experienced
iOS ~2014 2020 Beginner
Windows CE / Windows Mobile 2001 2007 Intermediate
Misc Tools
Docker 2019 2020 Beginner
VMWare Workstation 2000 2019 Intermediate
Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 2019 Beginner
VirtualBox 2015 2017 Beginner

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